August 2016 Newsletter

We have an amazing program scheduled for this month on August 9th, with a tour of the Street of Dreams, a networking opportunity with the ladies of the Professional Women in Building and a contributions being made to a charitable organization, Girls Build, all in one.

Please come out to Tumwater at Pete’s Mountain and enjoy this great event that PWB and our Professional Development Committee have organized.

AMEC (Annual Meeting and Education conference) is being held this month in San Antonio, Texas. Our chapter will be sending three delegates to the conference, who will report back to our chapter to share useful information they learn in the various workshops and presentations offered at the conference. The keynote topic “Make Great Things Happen” is a reminder that we all have the ability to help shape our future if we are relentless and savvy. So much of our experience is shaped in our attitudes and the depth of our engagement. We can help create positive outcomes of these experiences by committing ourselves fully and reinvigorating our interest and curiosity in the matter

I hope you are enjoying your summer and will plan to a􀆩end a NAWIC event soon!

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