Area II Plumbers JATC - Apprenticeship - Plumber Non-Union

Position Title: Apprenticeship - Plumber Non-Union

Company Name: Area II Plumbers JATC

Position Location: Marion County, Polk County, Benton County, Linn County, Wasco County, Lincoln County, Multonoma County, South Yamhill County, 2475 Lancaster Drive NE, B-9, Salem, OR 97305 United States

Company Website:

This program is registered with the Oregon State Apprenticeship Training Council and is recognized by the Bureau of Labor and Industries.

Applications will be accepted for the following trade:
PLUMBER – Non Union

General Duties of a Plumber: Assemble, install, alter and repair pipelines or pipe systems that carry water, steam, air, or other liquids or gases. May install heating and cooling equipment and mechanical control systems.

Position Requirements: 

  1. Minimum Qualifications:
    Eighteen (18) years of age.

  2. High school graduate or General Education Development Certificate of Equivalency.

  3. One year of high school Algebra or Integrated Math 2 with an average yearly grade of “C” or better. A college Algebra course that meets or exceeds high school Algebra, with a grade of “C” or better may be substituted for high school Algebra. A college math placement test indicating placement in Math 60 or higher may also be substituted for high school Algebra.

Salary Range: 45%-80% of average Journeyman wage per yearly wage survey

How to apply: Navigate to: complete form to receive an application during Open Enrollment, or to get on the list for the next Open Enrollment if after December 31st, 2018.

Contact Name: Ann Korrell

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (503) 991-5203

Applicants who do not qualify for direct entry will be placed in the RANKED POOL, in descending order, based upon the number of points scored. Applicants can earn points for education related to the occupation, and also for work experience. 

  • To receive points for classes Applicants must provide course certificates or school transcripts.

  • To receive points for work history Applicants must provide documentation of work hours: W-2, letter from employers on company letterhead stating the type of work performed and number of hours worked per year, pay stubs, DD-214, or work history print-out from the State of Employment Division. 

All documentation must be received by the closing date on the opening announcement.

Applicant Point System


Rating Factor Possible Points
1. Diploma/GED 
a. GED 1 ~ or
b. High School Diploma 2 ~ or
c. High School Diploma with 2.0 or higher GPA 3
2. Trade School Diploma (at least a 9 mo. Program) 5
3. College Credit .45 per credit
4. Related Courses
a. Algebra I 3
b. Algebra II 3
c. Geometry 3 per year
d. Blueprint Reading 3 per year 
e. Industrial Arts 3 per year
f. Drafting 3 per year
g. Graphic Design / Art 3 per year
5. Current First Aid Certification 1


Rating Factor Possible Points
1. General Construction (Civilian) 4
2. General Construction (Military or Voluntary) 4
3. Plumber Construction (Civilian) 5
4. Plumber Construction (Military or Voluntary) 5