Dryer Vent Wizzard - Service Tech

Position Title: Service Tech

Company Name: Dryer Vent Wizard

Position Location: Portland Metro, Portland, OR 97229 United States

Company Website: http://www.dryerventpdx.com

Position Description: Clean dryer vents, remove and replace improper vent lines as needed; re-route vent line to improve air flow; make access holes through a variety of materials to make these repairs including drywall, stucco, siding, masonry; install new vent covers. Dryer vent lines are cleaned from both the interior and exterior of the house.

Position Requirements: Should have basic mechanical aptitude, clean & professional appearance, and customer relation skills including good English skills.

Salary Range: Pay is hourly plus commission. $40,000 - $50,000 per year is easily achieved after short paid training period.

Benefits: very pleasant work environment with family friendly hours as well as uniforms, vehicle, all tools, paid holidays and cell phone. Medical benefits are not offered at this time.

How to Apply: Call 248-306-3105 or email resume to khunter@dryerventwizardcorp.com

Contact Name: Kylie Vennemann

Contact Phone: (503) 575-8017